We provide character-based scholarship and mentorship to students globally to help them achieve their dreams

What is YPG?

YPG, which stands for Young Professionals’ Group, is all about dreams – helping people achieve their dreams professionally.

Whether you are a student trying to figure out what classes to take to build your capabilities to land your first dream job or whether you are a volunteer who wants a new platform to try out new skills,

YPG’s VISION is to…

Encourage and empower young adults to realize their potential and pursue their DREAMS.

YPG was founded in 2000, the MISSION has not changed much and is about providing…financial support, guidance and advice to young adults from college or university until they enter their professional careers. Most of our young adults journey with us from about age 18 – mid-20′s.

We believe in investing in our future.

Everything we do stems for our core VALUES and beliefs. This shapes how we live our mission towards our vision.

  • Potential - —What we see in each of our students and what we seek to expand to its fullest
  • Dreams – The impact we desire to have in the world
  • Relationship – How we plan to partner and collaborate to live our dreams
  • Play – How we choose to interact with each other and the world to have fun and enjoy what we do

Come join us in helping people achieve their dreams! Perhaps your dreams can be fulfilled too in the process. *smile*

To join our regional and global chapters, see below:

- SoCal: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ypgsocal/
- Tri-State: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ypgtristate/
- Singapore: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ypgsingapore/

- Seoul, Korea: coming soon!

- India: coming soon!

Contact us if you would like to launch your own regional chapter anywhere in the world.